South African Consolidators (Pty) Ltd

  • SAC head office is based in Durban, the busiest port in Africa.
  • SAC focus on service excellence and providing our overseas agents and local freight forwarders with the best possible solution to their shipping needs.
  • In today’s volatile financial market is very import to associate with reliable partners
  • Our focused attention is on trade route development with strong transhipment services into Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands
  • Well established networks allowing local freight forwarders to use reliable services
  • SAC is a neutral operator which focuses on the freight forwarder market.

Head Office: Durban, South Africa

Unit 12, Meridian Park,

39 Meridian Drive

Umhlanga New Town

Phone : +27 (31) 303 6175

Fax : +27 (31) 303 1785

Email :